Automate your Continuous Application Security Scanning

Scan your applications for vulnerabilities and get actionable results in minutes.


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vulnerabilities identified in our clients' applications


high risk vulnerabilities fixed in less than a month


on average for scans to complete

100% Swiss

All of your data is safely stored and processed in Switzerland and all scans are performed out of Swiss-based datacenters.

Everything in One Place

Designed to help you manage your application security program from start to finish.

Monitor Your Security

Get a complete overview of your application security posture and track your progress over time.

Vulnerability Deep-Dive

Get a detailed view of your vulnerabilities, their priorities and how to address them.

Always Up-to-Date

We continuously update our vulnerability database to ensure you get the latest security checks to improve your security posture.

24/7 Access

You can access your account and manage your scans from anywhere, anytime and see results in real time.

Continuous Scanning

Scan your applications for vulnerabilities on a schedule or on demand whenever you need it.

Configurable Scans

Setup your scans to meet your needs. You can choose from a variety of options to customize your scans.

Share With Your Team

Security is a team sport. Share your scans and results with your team members and collaborate to fix vulnerabilities.

Full Cost Control

You never overshoot your budget, because you know what you pay for. Costs are under control, because you pay only for what you use and see your costs in real-time.

The Complete Solution

Your vulnerability scanning and management platform at a glimpse

Intuitive Dashboard

See your entire vulnerability landscape and how it developed over time in one central place

Easy Scan Setup

Setup and perform new scans in minutes and use schedules for continuous vulnerability management

Risk Deep-Dive

Get all the details you need to understand and prioritize your vulnerabilities including how to fix them

Easy Integration

(coming soon)

Works with your existing tools and platforms

Our open API allows you to integrate with your existing tools and systems.

Feed in vulnerability data and risks from other scanners.

Import assets from your IT inventory.

Export vulnerabilities and risk into your ticketing or SIEM systems.

Simple, Flexible Pricing

One off scan Monthly scan for a year


Manage risks and vulnerabilities but scan with your own existing scanner.

Get started - it's free

No credit card required


Scan your web application with Vulnerability Guard and stay ahead of attackers.

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Questions & Answers

The answers to the most frequently asked questions of our clients

What is Vulnerability Guard in one sentence?

Vulnerability Guard is a cloud-based application security scanning platform that helps you to continuously identify vulnerabilities in your applications fully automated.

I don't want to pay by credit card. Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you can. Please contact us to discuss the details.

I don't understand all the technical terms in an identified vulnerability. Can you help me?

Don't hesitate to contact us in such cases. Consulting is not included in the price, but we're happy to offer you additional consulting services.

It seems to be more expensive than other solutions. Why?

Most other solutions out there only scan for known vulnerabilities that have a CVE assigned. Vulnerability Guard goes beyond that and also scans for vulnerabilities that are specific to your applications. Of course we also scan for known vulnerabilities, but we don't stop there.

What happens if I don't fix a vulnerability?

We recommend to fix all vulnerabilities as soon as possible. If you don't fix a vulnerability, it will be re-identified in the next scan but it's your decision if and when you fix it.

Can I share my account with colleagues?

Technically you can, but we don't recommend it for security reasons. We recommend that each of your colleagues create their own account and you invite them to your organization to collaborate. We don't charge for additional users.

What IP addresses do you scan from?

Our scanners are up- and down-scaled to meet the demand at all time. This means we can't give you a fixed list of IP addresses as they are subject to change. If you need to whitelist our scanners, please contact us.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, of course. With Vulnerability Guard you buy credits that you can use for scans. No subscription, no hidden fees. You get exactly what you ask for.

What happens if I run out of credits?

You can buy additional credits at any time. Soon you'll also be able to set up automatic refills so you never run out of credits.

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